Personalize your very own Mini Trinity! Select three of any of our colors and create your very own! It can be any combination; even three of the same color!

Create your own Mini Trinity!

Necklace String Tie
Pick Your 1st Color
Pick your 2nd Color
Pick your 3rd Color
  • Color options are:
    Red: Root Chakra
    Orange: Sacral Chakra
    Yellow: Solar Plexius Chakra
    Pink: Feminine Heart Chakra
    Green: Masculine Heart Chakra
    Aqua: Higher Heart Chakra
    Blue: Throat Chakra
    Black: Mouth Chakra
    Indigo: Third Eye Chakra
    Purple: Crown Chakra
    Magenta: Solar Star Chakra
    Clear: Light Body Chakra

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Brand new QBC Meditations!

We are very proud to announce that each month we will be releasing a brand new guided meditation for free! These meditations will help you step into and unlock your chakras. Once we finish recording all 12 chakras, we will have a complete album for sale in our shop. Stay tuned!

This month we have the Light Body Chakra available for your pleasure and we truly hope you enjoy it!