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“I see you”

“My 3rd eye is wide open”

“My intuition is in full flow”

“I visualize infinite possibilities”

Indigo resonates with the 3rd eye chakra, tuning into this center opens up inner-vision into spirit. Seeing through the 3rd eye awakens an acute awareness of universal truths. Concentrating on where attention is placed is crucial in this stage of evolution. Visions show up in one’s awakened and dream states where reality can be created or altered. Activation and discernment within this vortex, allows one to see beyond the physical into the realm of absolutes where one is beautiful, whole and fulfilled. Worlds of unlimited potential open up where all things are possible!

Attunement 9: Close your eyes and breathe in the color indigo... Slowly allow the deep blue richness of indigo in as your 3rd eye opens vividly, the eye behind the eyes. Breathe in indigo... Be aware of the eye as it sees all essences. Breathe into the depth of indigo and experience the glory of silence. Feel and see the deeper truth and hear wisdom and discernment from a greater intelligence. Relax into the breathe...Create a higher vision for yourself and hold this vision giving it life. Feel the alignment and inspiration of spirit to joyfully manifest the vision.


Third Eye Chakra

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