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“I am One“

“I am stillness inspired by higher intelligence”

“I am enlightened and see beauty in all things”

“I am perfect, whole and complete”

Purple resonates with the crown chakra, this is the prosperous land of I am. In the presence of purple, one releases all stories and identities up and out of their crown center where it is then transmuted into pure light. Inside purple’s high spin chakra vortex is a quiet center point deep and rich in abiding calm and powerful absolute neutrality. It is in this space one surrenders all polarity charges of positive and negative energy and begins functioning from a state of graceful transmission of love and enlightenment. Purple’s stillness and inspired higher intelligence reign here!

Attunement 10: Close your eyes and allow your body to breathe in purple... envision a deep purple light streaming out of the crown of your head. Feel the dynamic purple beams of source flowing and let stillness shower you. Breathe... and bathe in this vortex of purple liquid light observing all stories, attachments and old patterns dissolve away into nothingness. Witness their energies leaving your body and thank them for sharing their life with you. Feel the infinite undefined self waking up to see itself in everything. Honor with grace the power within you, release and let the spirit flow!


Crown Chakra

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