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“I speak my truth”

"I am authentic, a being of light”

“I communicate calmly and confidently”

“I am peace”

Blue resonates with the throat chakra, the communication center of the universe where speaking your truth is vital. The authentic self beautifully shows up and is revealed when one actively speaks the truth from the heart. Now is the time to allow one’s true voice to be heard and expressed through an open channel of direct transmission as source. Public speaking becomes natural and sharing a message is inspiring as well as transformational. Blue energy brings about increased feelings of calmness, peace and sincerity.

Attunement 7: Close your eyes and breathe into your throat... Breathe in the big blue sky... breathe in the heavens... Let blue caress and comfort your inner voice. Envision gentle breezes of blue energy flowing through your neck, feeling a sweet sensation throughout your body. Breathe calmly... All energy holding your attention is being released into the universe and this now empty space is filled with blue. Blue is the communicator of spirit and it will effortlessly be expressed through you. Give yourself permission to be heard. A portal is open for true blue - the infinite and eternal spring of you - to gush, flow and be... born free!


Throat Chakra

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