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“I glow in full presence”

“I am lightbody clear”

“I am transparent and open”

“I am all solutions"

Clear resonates with the light body chakra, a direct link to our highest guidance in the universal source flow. It is here all energy vortexes spiral, vibrate, and glow as one in clear luminosity. A clear mind, body and soul bring one to full radiant presence and wholeness. This is a place where all is divine and orchestrated in perfect order. One becomes an open channel of the highest heavens co-creating in the source field’s playground of love. This sacred light space is a high spin crystalline state manifesting fantastic realities! The crystal light illuminates the path and shows the way!

Attunement 12: Close your eyes and breathe... feel the light and brightness emerging as all your colorful chakras open, glow and flow into a clear singularity of circulating light. Keep breathing deeper and deeper... Everything is light here - cosmic clarity of your light body luminescence.... a timeless space of infinite potential. Take another breathe... take flight... be infused into pure light. Notice how clear, connected and at peace you feel. All of you has shown up. Breathe... celebrate the oneness. Speak and listen to your guidance asking, “Show me what I am not seeing”. Hold space for your infinite intelligence to illuminate the solution. Receive the answer in clarity.


Light Body Chakra

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