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“I feel love and joy flow through me"

“All my relationships are nurturing and fulfilling”

“I am my own soul mate”

“I am full of creativity and it shows”

Orange resonates with the sacral chakra where feelings of being loved and nurtured reside. Healthy relationships are joyfully brought together and curiosities awaken within this vortex. This is the center where all addictions, dependency and neediness disappear into light as the energy swirls and swirls, opening fully and shifting all that no longer serves. Awareness of being your own soul mate becomes powerful while learning to relate to all humanity becomes natural, easy and effortless. It is here where feelings of deep love and connections emerge and are felt.

Attunement 2: Close your eyes and breathe into your sacral chakra, concentrating on your lower abdomen. Breathe in the color orange and visualize orange filling in all the spaces. Expand the spaces with your breath and allow more orange to flow in. As you breathe, feel the orange energy in the air around you as it becomes part of your energy body. Begin visualizing a healthy relationship, how it feels and what it looks like. You are the one that you have always been looking for. Trust and embrace this truth allowing it to integrate. Feel totally loved, nurtured and full of joy.


Sacral Chakra

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