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“I am grateful”

“My heart is open and available”

“I give abundantly”

“I forgive and give thanks”

Green resonates with the masculine heart chakra, the balanced and harmonic center of circulation where giving and receiving unify as a single function. The green heart chakra acts as a balance point of all chakras and allows expansion, freedom and growth. It is the energy center that integrates physical reality and a spiritual connection as one whole and complete essence. It is in this vortex that resentment is transmuted and forgiveness translates into thanksgiving. Blessings are plentiful and gratitude in all circumstances is a way of life.

Attunement 5: Close your eyes and breathe in gently. Breathe in again, this time a little deeper. Move your awareness into your heart and fill it up with green. See your heart overflow with green, so much green that green pastures and fields began to form. Silently run barefoot and play in these green fields. Observe a green aura surrounding your heart, know all is very good and experience the blessings. Feel the balance and harmony that transcends. Gratitude rises as the heart is opened. You now expand and circulate loving kindness to the world.


Masculine Heart Chakra

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