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“I live life with passion and purpose”

“Red is my money magnet”

“Prosperity is everywhere”

“I am rooted and grounded in the richness of life”

Red resonates with the root chakra - the 1st energy center located closest to the earth. Red draws power from the earth giving vibrant energy to all levels of the energetic field. Everything that is manifested has the life force energy of the color red. This center is responsible for building a strong foundation, stability and creating a sense of feeling safe and at home in the physical body. It is here in this vortex where all feelings and thoughts of lack and limitations are released and dissolved into light. Prosperity begins flowing naturally and moving generously everywhere on purpose.

Attunement 1: Close your eyes and breathe in the color red. See red filling every space in your being. As you breathe deeper create more space in your field to allow red to generously flow and expand. Now place your attention on the root center and see all red within. Stay with the red until it brightens and begins to pulsate. Now, visualize yourself walking on a red road of prosperity. Experience the richness as you travel on this road and feel how safe and supported you are. See red roots growing into the earth out of the bottom of your feet and grounding you securely. Feel the connection that you are to all that is.


Root Chakra

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