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“I allow my soul to be present”

“I create heaven on earth”

“I am living my dreams”

“I listen to my spiritual guidance”

Magenta resonates with the Soul Star chakra and completes the wholeness of self. This color energy dynamic allows divine creative flow and the language of the soul to flower. The soul’s language is harmony, balance and beauty - the song’s lyrics are of universal love. Magenta is the bridge connecting one to spiritual guidance in the cosmos as full potential emerges and dreams manifest into fruition. Walk the soul’s highest path living and breathing in it’s joyful presence. Magenta holds the vibration of purple and red so it is here that one creates “Heaven on Earth.”

Attunment 11: Close your eyes and breathe slowly and gently... Breathe magenta into your field... As you breathe deeper... invite the presence of your soul to join you. Feel the unconditional love of your soul embrace you with its universal trust and intelligence. Know that you are one with this greater light. Breathe in divinity... magenta serves as a tool of awakening to access greater soul infusion. Feel the depth of communion with your authentic self and take delight listening to “Messages in Color” that open and inspire your heart. These messages come from source to serve the highest good of all. Be a joyful and beneficial presence on the planet!


Soul Star Chakra

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