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“I relate and hear my higher self”

“I am pure and innocent”

“I allow my heart to fully express itself”

I am functioning with my heart wide open"

​Aqua resonates with the higher heart chakra and is located below the throat and above the heart. This center involves the higher functioning of the heart and acts as the bridge from the heart to throat for optimal expression. It also opens the thymus and quiets the mental body to become receptive to transmissions from higher realms. Purification begins occurring when the heart is allowed to express itself and be heard. Breathing also becomes easier and deeper as this center opens. Aqua embodies a timeless fluid movement much like water with life nurturing properties.

Attunement 6: Close your eyes and breathe in deeply the color aquamarine. Visualize an ocean of blue green waters opening up before you. Feel yourself effortlessly floating and flowing on currents of higher heart expression. Listen to the wisdom of your heart and follow the fulfillment of your soul. The immune system is lengthening as the higher self is being heard, recognized and acknowledged. Be in stillness as aqua soothes, cleanses and purifies. It is all love washing every cell in your body as wholeness returns.


Higher Heart Chakra

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