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​“I can do it”

“I stand in my power”

“I am a leader of self”

“I digest and process all information with ease”

Yellow resonates with the solar plexus chakra, the sun of the universe where all information is digested, processed and integrated. It is best related to the gut feeling, commonly experienced when perceiving situations or making decisions. This center opened provides a strengthening of one’s own inner guidance filtering out all outside influences. A clear pathway of staying in your own power is mastered. Yellow also assists in overcoming fears, old patterns and obstacles that are stagnate and stuck. It is in this space where one realizes that they are a leader of self.

Attunement 3: Close your eyes and breathe in yellow. Visualize yellow streaming into your belly. Fill your belly up with sunshine, feel the warmth and brightness of your own internal sun center. Breathe in and out concentrating on your naval. It is here all information is being digested. Breathe in even more yellow and become still allowing yourself to be bathed in yellow. See yourself standing in your power and coming from this place courageously. Be a leader of self and notice all energies dissipate as you become your own master.


Solar Plexus Chakra

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