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“I connect to the divine feminine energy within me”

“I love and accept myself unconditionally”

“I am in receivership of love and affection”

“I am the best mirror of love”

Pink resonates with the feminine heart chakra, which is a very soft receiving energy. Compassion for self and others is felt in this center as well as feelings of loving and accepting oneself. Inside this center unconditional love emerges, flows freely and life is perceived with endearing beauty. Pink’s divine mother energy nurtures the innerchild with all of it’s loving presence. The inner child is continuously embraced until all attachments and judgments of self are released and this vortex fully opens and blossoms. Loving one self is a beautiful gift and learning to receive love deepens our connections and intimacy with the world.

Attunement 4: Close your eyes and breathe in the color pink. Allow pink to flow inside your being, filling up your heart. Cuddle yourself with pink and receive a big hug from yourself. Pink is surrounding and filling you with soft gentle love. Continue to receive pink into your field and see the blessing and gift that you are. Become an open channel of this love and feel its magnificence. Commit to loving oneself and always receive this beautiful love that is fully available right here and right now.


Feminine Heart Chakra

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