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Can't decide what chakra center you want to work on today? How about you just empower them all! We got suggested this idea at a show recently and we decided you know what? why not! We love getting feedback and ideas from you all and it turns out people really love just having them all. We would make a couple of these at a time and they were always the first thing to go at the shows so we decided it's time we finally offer them online! These are made to order in our little shop and we are happy to customize them for you! We have a few options available to choose from and we are happy to take any special requests!  This brand new full spectrum necklace has the New Earth brown pendant on it for anchoring your field into the earth.  This is a very powerful piece and perfect for the New Year.

Full Spectrum Mini Necklace With 13 Pendants

  • Our most powerful piece we offer! Inside each pendant are quartz crystals infused into a plant based resin. We charge each pendant with color frequencies that make these beautiful pendants the perfect tool to assist you in your spiritual work! Each pendant measures 3/4'' by 3/4'' and are connected all together along a metal core string with metal rings and quartz crystal beads. Since these are made to order, we can customize them to have various chains, a natural stone and glass bead necklace or even a simple black cord.

    We are happy to accommodate any special requests in how we make the jewelry in terms of length or anything else you can think of. Simply add a note to your order with the request. Also, please feel free to use the Contact Us button above if you have any questions!

  • We are a very small family business that was founded way back in 2010 and we greatly appreciate you for taking the time to browse our handmade spiritual tools. We make everything ourselves here in our little home office and we have a lot of pride in our work. Please reach out to us if you have any questions at all! Thank you!

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