QBC Vortex Cones
QBC Vortex Cones

Clear energy and harmonize your space with our Vortex Cones!

Check out our new meditation!
Check out our new meditation!


Throat Chakra Month!


Every month us here at QBC like to showcase one of our twelve colors and this month we have the Blue - Throat Chakra! This energy center harbors your ability to speak your truth and the confidence to publicly speak! In order to celebrate this center we are offering our blue pendants, bracelets, necklaces and cones at 20 to 33% off!

Custom QBC Necklaces!


We are super excited to finally offer our amazing hand beaded necklaces online for everyone! For those of you that have met us in person over the last year you may have seen these in our booth!

Each of these necklaces are carefully crafted by us and they are in very limited supply! They feature a metal wire with various stones strung with each pendant. Check them out in the "Misc" section!