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QB Crystals



Chakra Center of the Month

Each month we like to showcase one of our 12 colors and this month we are on to Yellow, the Solar Plexus Chakra! This the 3rd energy center along the body and is the source of discipline, personal power, confidence and self-mastery. Opening this center will increase your ability to follow healthy routines, achieve personal goals, focus on tasks and follow through with projects to their completion. We always recommend this center for people looking to embark on a weight loss journey or would like help for channeling out the chaos around them and build out their ability to focus.


To celebrate this power center we have all of our Yellow chakra pendants, bracelets and cones on sale for 25% off!


Powerful tools for unlocking your Chakras

QBC believes there is great power within us to improve and lift our lives. We seek to teach people how to tap into their energy centers and learn self mastery. We believe spirit, mind and body integration  is an essential aspect to a healthy life and that it does not have to be complicated for it to work.



Each of our pendants, bracelets and cones are made of quartz crystals that are tuned to very specific frequencies. We then encase them in a planet based resin so that while worn, it will help you activate the chakra center. Whether you are a beginner or a Reiki Master, we have something for you here at QBC and we believe crystals are the perfect companion to your spiritual journey. We are very proud to have helped countless people over the last decade feel more empowered and achieve self-actualization.


Customized just for you

Since we create everything ourselves in our little workshop, we can happily customize a pendant to your exact wishes. We make order so we can create any desired length of necklace, mix in different kinds of beads or even add a couple extra pendants to make very powerful Trinity necklace! Your spiritual journey is personal so why not have a personalized necklace or bracelet to join you? Check out our "Custom" section and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Made in the USA!

We are a very small family business that was founded way back in 2010 and we greatly appreciate you for taking the time to browse our handmade spiritual tools. We make everything ourselves here in our little home office and we have a lot of pride in our work. Please reach out to us if you have any questions at all! Thank you!

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