Root Chakra Month!

Custom QBC Necklaces!

Every month we like to showcase one of our 12 colors and this month we are on to Red, The Root Chakra! This center is the foundation of the entire energy system and the one we recommend focusing on first for people new to energy medicine. To celebrate this center we have all our Red Pendants, Cones, Bracelets and Necklaces 20% to 33% off for the rest of this month!

Chakra Crash Course

We are proud to announce a brand new 12 part video series that teach the meanings and uses for all our colors. We plan on releasing 3 videos a week on our YouTube channel starting Monday, January 4th with our Red - Root Chakra video; then Wednesday with Orange - Sacral Chakra and Friday with Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra. These videos are great for training on the specific color information and to guide you through clearing and balancing your chakra energy centers. At the end of each week, TLC will be hosting a Zoom call every Saturday at 3 p.m. Pacific Time to discuss the chakras covered that week and to address any questions! Stay tuned to our future Newsletters for the links!


We are super excited to finally offer our amazing hand beaded necklaces online for everyone! For those of you that have met us in person over the last year you may have seen these in our booth!

Each of these necklaces are carefully crafted by us and they are in very limited supply! They feature a metal wire with various stones strung with each pendant. Check them out in the "Misc" section!



Free domestic shipping on orders over $100!

Brand new QBC Meditations!

We are very proud to announce that each month we will be releasing a brand new guided meditation for free! These meditations will help you step into and unlock your chakras. Once we finish recording all 12 chakras, we will have a complete album for sale in our shop. Stay tuned!

This month we have the Light Body Chakra available for your pleasure and we truly hope you enjoy it!