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We are proud to announce our brand new Rainbow Reiki Collection! This is a smaller set of our collection that has the traditional 7 chakra centers. It is a much simpler set for the beginner energy lovers and it is really amazing to work with the seven. These will get you started on a wonderful journey of balanced and effortless energy.


Red is prosperity, grounding and foundation

Orange is relationships, trust and joy

Yellow is personal power, digestion and courage

Green is love, forgiveness and abundance

Blue is speaking your truth and communication

Indigo is vision, intuition and dreams

Purple is spiritual enlightenment and oneness


Personal note from TLC 

"I have been committed to channeling and sharing the twelve energy centers for over 14 years.  But I was a beginner with energy medicine way back and it all started when I had my first Reiki attunement and then I continued through reiki mastery.  I had so much energy freed and unblocked that I asked my Angels for balance.  That's when I was shown the pendants, the purpose of color and the power of quartz crystals.  I created my first seven pendants and then every year I was guided to another color until I received twelve.  Then my Angels said my energy matrix was complete and these pendants will balance humanity and create harmonics within relationships.  I continued to witness and experience transformation in myself and my three boys.  I knew then this was my mission to share QBCs with the world." 

Love, TLC

Rainbow Reiki Collection

  • We are a very small family business that was founded way back in 2010 and we greatly appreciate you for taking the time to browse our handmade spiritual tools. We make everything ourselves here in our little home office and we have a lot of pride in our work. Please reach out to us if you have any questions at all! Thank you!

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