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Enjoy the complete range of vibrational energy and wear one a day or as many as you want! These are perfect for assisting in your energy work or meditations! As a bonus, this comes with a chakra booklet that has information on each of the chakra centers!

We include a beautiful bamboo box that can hold up to three full sets of pendants! We have either Regular or Mini sized pendants available and you can opt to have various chains or black cord for all the necklaces. This is the perfect option if you have our own Reiki/Color Energy practice and would like to distribute our wonderful pendants. If you purchase 2 sets or more, you will gain access to the distributor portal of our website and can place all future orders at our discounted wholesale price!

Advanced Pendant Collection (Box)

  • We are a very small family business that was founded way back in 2010 and we greatly appreciate you for taking the time to browse our handmade spiritual tools. We make everything ourselves here in our little home office and we have a lot of pride in our work. Please reach out to us if you have any questions at all! Thank you!

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